Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easily Clean Up After You Baby with Babyletto

Cleaning up after your baby sure is a very tedious task that even the most experienced parent would pass up on the job when they have the choice to do so. Who would want to deal with all the soiled bedding and clothing? And while this is a task that parents cannot turn their back on, possibly the only remedy would be to get all the possible tools that will make this task a little easier or manageable.

Here’s a great changer pad to the rescue. The Babyletto Contour Changer Pad is a big step of innovation from world-renowned baby brand Babyletto. With its vinyl and waterproof cover, cleaning up after the baby will never be easier for mom and even for dad.
The pad measures 34 by 16 inches, offering you a spacious working area to change diapers, powder and even feeding them right before retiring for the night. And because it sports a surface that is easy to clean, this changer pad can definitely be your ultimate working area in the nursery. the pad also comes contoured with baby-friendly safety strap, giving you the peace of mind that your baby will not fall off the changing station even when they are being particularly restless (of course, you still need to keep a hand on your baby at all times to ensure safety).

The Babyletto Contour Changer Pad comes with extra firm padding made from polyurethane foam for all combo dressers. It also has a vinyl wet proof that is made of Polyester with PVC. This makes the pad water repellent by nature and not require the need for any other additives. Plus, it comes with fresh additive formulated into the vinyl for an anti-bacterial surface, giving your precious one added protection.

Make taking care of your baby easier and safer with the Babyletto Contour Changer Pad!

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