Thursday, December 27, 2012

Protect Your Most Precious Cargo with Scandinavian Child

Travelling is a joy for couples – the excitement of being able to explore a new place all free and away from your busy job. But this is not exactly the case for couples who have babies. They could not just leave their precious bundle at home, right? When they take their baby to travel with them, it is important that he is kept safe and snug all throughout the journey.

If you are one of these parents, perhaps a cradle carrier would make the whole feat of travelling much easier for you. Take a look at the Lilebaby EuroTote Carrier. Made to fit the American Lifestyle, the marriage of stylish Scandinavian design with the American safety and functionality, this tote eases the transition from home to car to stroller and whatever is in between.
Hard carriers pose negative effects on babies which makes travelling uncomfortable and even unhealthy. Letting babies spend long periods of time seated in their car seat can increase risks of them suffering from colic, neck injury, bad posture and other baby health problems. You wouldn’t want your baby to suffer from any of these, don’t you?

This versatile carrier make it the perfect travel companion. It is able to easily convert from a cradle carrier to a bunting bag to a toddler stroller bag. You can even transform it to a play blanket or a travel bedding. One great feature of this carrier is its interchangeable covers, allowing year-round usage. You can use the cool mesh for summer then change it to warm microfiber and flannel for winter.

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Lilebaby EuroTote Carrier directly fits in most strollers and car seats. It is light and convenient (only weighing 1.5 pounds!) which should give you better stability and balance. Machine-washable and non-toxic, this is perfect for any travelling baby.

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