Thursday, April 14, 2011

Modern Urban Flair for Your Nursery or Kids’ Room

Young, modern parents look forward to the arrival of a new baby, excitedly preparing a nursery to welcome him or her home. With excitement, they plan out the room decor that would reflect their lifestyle while affording the required practicality and convenience of parenthood. With careful planning and wise spending, you can achieve a nursery for your baby that is non-traditional, trendy and chic. The decor and style of your modern, contemporary home should be able to flow into this child’s area. Browsing through the internet or walking through the nearest department stores, you can find available today a vast array of modern baby cribs, furniture, play sets, lamps and kids wall decor. Simply pick out the pieces that you can mix and match to achieve your theme or motif of choice.

Aside from the contemporary furniture and accent pieces, you can have your choice of rugs, lamps, and wall art that come in amazing designs. Well-chosen wall art or wall coverings can enhance any drab and lifeless room, providing a lively backdrop for your child’s bed or sofa. Stylish and trendy parents will marvel at the creative and imaginative art work painted on canvas and mounted on wooden frames, which are ideal for hanging in your nursery or toddler’s room. These have designs of big, bold cats, howling dogs, giraffes, and other cartoon characters that would provide your child with much-needed “friends” throughout his or her growing years. Toddlers would love these adorable companions during the times they are alone. Easy to peel and paste decals are also available for nurseries, in pretty bird, flower and leaf designs to amuse your baby.

You may opt for wallpaper to enhance your baby’s nursery. Wallpaper art has come a long way from the traditional patterns: they now come in a variety of tropical garden and jungle prints that bring in a warm, summer look into the room, regardless of the weather outside. You can further carry out the tropical theme with matching rugs in grass or leaf designs, jungle printed cushions and bedding's. You can also create a soothing, calming effect with minimalist prints, stripes, and checks in smaller designs. Modern teens prefer the op-art look with geometric, concave or illusion designs that add character to their private space. These smooth and sleek wall coverings are durable, washable, and easy to maintain. They are also easy tor replace as your baby grows into teen hood. You need not go far to create the modern urban nursery or kids room with flair. You can browse through the internet for design ideas or tips complete with pictures of baby furniture, furnishings, and nursery wall art.

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