Saturday, December 1, 2012

Imaginative Playsets by Cedarworks

The CedarWorks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset is sure to keep your kids’ play dates something to look forward to. The playset has a number of highly imaginative features that will offer an awesome adventure for all the kids on the block.

Cedarworks equips the 3 Indoor Playset with a climbing wall, ramp, fire pole, and even an entire secret hideaway underneath the playset. For the Playdeck 30 option, the playset has a climbing wall with four handles for extra grip and security, with stripe panels on top and nook panels below. For the Playdeck 45 option, on the other hand,  keeps bubbles panels below deck, as well as a door and ladder.
The entire playset is made of furniture grade solid hardwood, and the panels are laminated, made of premium multi-plywood Baltic Birch. The set features Rhapsody-colored stains, all of which are natural and water-based, and not in the least toxic for your kids. The playset also contains no plastic components.

While the Cedarworks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset has a manual outlining the standard way of assembly, one of the playset’s distinct advantages is that it’s also fully customizable. Cedarworks also accepts special orders for playsets, and you can specify whatever customizations you’d like for your own.

On the other hand, the CedarWorks Rhapsody Bed 2 combines the comfort of a cozy sleeping space and the awesome-ness of a whole playset. The Rhapsody Bed 2 is quite feminine, with flower deck panels on the top and bottom. The Loft Bed 30 features a series of flower panels, while the Playdeck 30 offers a climbing wall with handles, a ladder and nook, and polka circles for the above and below deck panels.
Similar to the Cedarworks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset, the Rhapsody Bed 2 is made with natural water stains, has no plastic components, and is earth-friendly.

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