Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adorn Your Baby’s Crib with the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile

It is always important to start them young. This includes educating your baby even before they start walking and talking. No, this isn’t about teaching them math or the names of the presidents of America; it’s starting with the basics. Eye tracking and sound perception skills, to be exact.

Looking for that thing that will teach these to your precious one? Here’s the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile by Trend Lab. Yes, there are generic ones in the market today (that you can probably buy at cheaper prices). But why should you settle for the conventional (and possibly low quality) ones when you can give your baby the best there is?
The mobile canopy features a soft yellow and white polka dot print that comes framed with a plaid print in chocolate brown, vanilla, powder blue, burnt orange and sage. This beautiful interplay of colors would be good enough to get your baby acquainted with the beautiful colors of the world, along with getting their attention to take a look at the animals that hang from it.

And speaking of animals, this musical mobile will introduce your baby to baby farm animals. All soft, plush and colorful, the mobile suspends a baby cow, baby puppy, baby pig and baby lamp in decorative white ribbons. And if this is not educational and attention grabbing enough, these animals slowly rotate to Brahm’s Lullaby.

Measuring 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide, the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile coordinated with the Baby Barnyard collection. Perhaps it would even be neat treat for your baby if you bring in the entire Baby Barnyard collection to the nursery. This mobile easily attaches to most cribs so there’s no need to get a new crib that will fit it.

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