Monday, December 10, 2012

Be Equipped in Style with the Rodeo Princes Tulip Tote

Baby day outs laden both mothers and fathers with enormous amounts of stuff to bring along. Aside from their own things, there are also the baby essentials that they need to have with them in a travel outside the home. Some of the things that a baby will need are feeding bottles, extra clothing, toys, snacks, extra diapers, baby wipes, and so many more others. Because of this, a heavy duty bag that can fit all these things is a must for every parent.

The problem is that most baby bags today are all plain and simple, with functionality more of a priority than style. And if you are like any trendy parent, you would look for something that is both functional and stylish. The Rodeo Princess Tulip Tote by TrendLab should be perfect.
This laminated bag features a cowgirl-themed scatter print in lovely colors of violet, cream, maple and chocolate. It also comes with touches of orange and caramel on a soft orchid background throughout its outside body with maple, banana, violet and chocolate print on the inside. Such a design would not only be appreciated by any parent; it should also be appealing on the eyes of your little one as well.

What we just mentioned is to stylish part; now let’s head on to the functional aspect. The outside of the bag comes with two side bottle pockets, a wide Velcro closure pocket and a front zippered pocket. Inside, you will find four pockets and a large mesh divider that will keep all your baby’s things organized. It comes with a snap closure to make sure that all the inside contents are secure. And if this is not enough, the bag has a removable, coordinating changing pad.

So why settle for other diaper bags when you have the stylish and functional Rodeo Princess Tulip Tote?

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