Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Take Your Child Biking with the iBert Safe-T-Seat

Taking a biking trip with your child – or even just a typical bike ride around the neighborhood – is just one of the many ways to let your child enjoy the outdoors. It is also one of the many ways that you can bond with them. The problem is that parents have a problem with the visibility, biking balance and safety concerns of their children. Tired of the seating options that are available for your little one?

In response to the long withstanding problem of parents on taking biking trips with their family, a mom and dad tandem created the iBert Sate-T-Seat. It allows parents to interact with their child while they are riding the bike and gives the child a better view of his surroundings and the trails that you are treading. Its constructions ensure that no dirt, dust, water or rocks will be thrown into the face of your child.
This is the new model for 2012 and is made 2 inches longer than the original. It comes with a new padded steering wheel so your child can be your co-pilot and help in the steering. This feature also doubles as a nap pad for your tired passenger. Like all the 2012 models, it comes with a padded seat, T-bar, ring pin and clip, and hex key for easy installation.

Its design is similar to that of rear-mounted seats but it uses a patented “Stinger” system that allows it to attach to your bike in only 2 minutes. And in just 15 seconds, the seat instantly attaches to the stinger. Plus, taking it off from the bike is just as quick.

Give your little one the chance to enjoy nature as much as you would while on biking tricks. To do this while ensuring their comfort and safety, use the iBert Sate-T-Seat.

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