Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Levels of Discovery Tables and Chairs Fit for Princesses

Furniture is an important part of any children's room. Because of they are still growing, it is important that they are given their own tables and chairs that are made exactly for their size – and imagination. This is not only about novelty; it is also about ensuring that they are safe and at ease with whatever they are using. In comes Levels of Discovery, the creators of innovative and appealing furniture for children. Each of their creation offers various pieces to turn any child's playtime into a time of delightful surprises.

Take for example this Princess and Table and Chair set. Any little girl would of course want to look like and feel like a princess. The thought of wearing puffy dresses and crowns and meeting their prince charming some day are just a few of the things that most little girls dream of. Why not allow her to live her dream with these pieces?
The table is hand-painted with a pink top with decorative elements all around its perimeter colored in gold, cream and purple. It also has a secret compartment, revealing a hiding place for your little princess where she can stash her tea sets, crown and other trinkets along with a music box that plays Pomp and Circumstance.

The chairs come with a heart-shaped backrest and a removable padded cushion for utmost comfort as she is enjoying tea with her best friend. A special message on the back says "Always a Princess", something that they will remember and hold true for as long as they can. The purple and pink chairs come with gold tassels and gold accents.

Let your little girl (or girls) feel the elegance and sophistication of being a princess with the Princess and Table and Chair set. Later on, this is one happy memory that they will fondly look back, reminiscing on the time when they were once a princess.

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