Thursday, April 7, 2011

Safe and Durable Playsets for Your Kids

Your kid would definitely want a playset with a backyard sandbox in your home. Having a playset will prevent your kid from going out in the street and in the neighborhood alone and unsecure. As a parent, you would want your child to enjoy being a child, at the same time you want your child to be safe and secure.

My Urban Child is a store that sells every item your child needs. From baby furniture, toys, strollers, sandbox, linens and the best playsets for your child, the store has it all. Most of the playsets are from a manufacturer called, “Gorilla.” The company is known for its ready to assemble playsets. A Gorilla Playsets is durable, rot-resistant, decay-resistant and insect-resistant. It has a solid framing and playdeck. It also has a 4 x 6 swing beam and a rope ladder.
It has a rock wall that comes with a climbing rope and rocks. Aside from that, it has a wave slide and a durable vinyl canopy. It also has swings with chairs that are plastic coated. It has a trapeze with rings, telescope, flag kit and tic tac toe panel. Most importantly, it has safety handles for the kids.

Aside from playsets, your kids would want a sandbox in your backyard. A sandbox is great for kids in making sandcastles and digging treasurers. The sandbox must be weather-resistant and that includes a mesh cover to protect the sand from bad weather. A well-known brand that makes sandboxes is from KidKraft. KidKraft sandboxes are made of reinforced wood that prevents it from warping. They come in UV protected canopy. They are made of Sanmu wood that are guaranteed durable and will last longer. Each package comes with detailed instructions and is easy to assemble. These sandboxes are sturdy enough and can accommodate multiple children at the same time.

Your children will definitely enjoy their playset and sandbox. Not only that, they can even invite their friends over to play and enjoy these outdoor items. Having fun need not be in the parks and beaches, but right in your own backyard. You can even check on them just by peeking at your window and not worry of their safety. These playsets and sandboxes can also enhance their skills physically and mentally. They will learn new things and become interactive through these outdoor products.

Having the best for your kids is what you would always want. Investing on outdoor playsets and sandboxes would be a wise choice for you, as a parent since it gives your children a lot of benefits. They are not only play things but are also learning tools for your kids.

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