Monday, April 11, 2011

Nursery Furnishings and Accent Pieces

Trendy urban parents love to dress up their homes in contemporary decor that suit their modern lifestyle. This also goes for their baby’s nursery and their kids bedrooms. Baby nursery rugs are a fun solution to dress up your baby’s nursery. With beautiful, bold designs these floor accents and coverings are the perfect way to enhance your nursery floor. It creates a warm and comfortable crawl space that your baby would love. Made of wool, the thick pile would also muffle your footfalls and give your kid undisturbed sleep, while you walk around to tidy the room. The bright, geometric designs create the impression of modern art to please the most discriminating taste.

Chandra Rugs Avalisa AVL-6128 Modern Childrens Rugs 2x3 Contemporary Wool Area Rug

There are a variety to choose from: they come in small sizes as accent pieces, or large sizes to cover a wider crawl space. The designs also come in different patterns like stripes, plaids, checks, dots, flowers and leaves, which any child would love. Even school-age kids would enjoy having these floor coverings in their rooms, to brighten their space and create an ambiance to suit their imagination.

Now available in the market, you can browse through the various internet sites, such as, or walk through the nearest furniture store to see these amazing floor coverings to accent your child’s room. If you wish to create a serene, minimalist look, you can choose the muted sand colors or pastels. If you wish to create a bold look, such as a jungle motif, you could opt for the flowers and leaves designs in bright, tropical colors. This would transform any drab and lifeless room into an interesting and lively area that would provide your kid with a space to unleash his or her creativity and imagination. With thoughtful planning and careful matching, you can put together the furniture pieces in cool and funky colors that would harmonize into your chosen theme. Just add an artful touch of wall decor, curtains or window shades to create an interesting backdrop. With brightly colored cushions, bedding's, and pillows, your child’s room would indeed have a designer look that would impress their
friends and playmates.

Wise parents choose sturdy and durable pieces of basic furniture, such as beds, dressers, night tables and chairs that would last through the child’s growing years. They insist on lead-free paint, smooth and sleek finishes, tarnish-free and rust-free metal fittings, and hypo-allergenic pillows and mattresses. The safety and well-being of your child should come hand-in-hand with style. The room’s floor area should be clean, smooth and slip-proof to avoid accidents. To enhance the floor, trendy, designer kids area rugs are a good investment as accents to brighten up the whole room.

Chandra Rugs Dharma DHA-7501 Modern Childrens Rugs 2x3 Contemporary Wool Area Rug

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