Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stylish Rugs for Your Modern Kids

In decorating your child’s room, you must not only have the right furniture pieces, but you must embellish it with the appropriate accessories. Depending on the theme of your child’s room, you can decorate it with furniture and accessories that he can use even up to his adolescent years. If you want to buy a rug for your child’s room, make sure that you will be practical enough in your choice. At My Urban Child, you will be amazed by their collection of kids room rugs and other kids products that your child can enjoy even up to his teenage years.

Their collection of kids rugs have a variety of colors, patterns and prints. You could opt for geometric or funky or floral or circular prints. These rugs are from Chandra Collection of India. It is a known fact that Chandra rugs are respected producers of high-quality rugs. They are also known for their traditional rugs that reflect their Indian heritage. They produce traditional hand-made rugs that have modern and contemporary designs. The company makes rugs that are not only beautiful and stylish, but they are made of durable and safe materials, and the buyers are assured that they will last long.

The rug will definitely create a fun and colorful atmosphere in your child’s room. At the same time, as a practical mother, you want to invest on something that your child can use even if he is already a grown up. The Chandra rug will be a wise and practical investment for you. You are assured that these rugs are not only non-toxic but they make your child’s room inviting and trendy. Give your child’s room a modern flair with a Chandra rug.

Shopping for these rugs, you can purchase them at You can choose from their well-detailed catalogues for kids room rugs as well as other baby and children’s products. All of their items passed either US or international standards. Make your shopping more memorable and fun with these products that are not only beautiful, but are modern and trendy.

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