Monday, April 11, 2011

Enhancing Your Nursery and Kids’ Room Floors

Designing and decorating a nursery or kids room has never been so much fun. Now available in the market are a fantastic array of kids’ furniture, furnishings, wall decor and baby nursery rugs that would suit the taste of any stylish mom or dad.

Baby furniture and furnishings are so lovable in modern sleek looks, or in cool and funky tropical colors. Bedding's, mattresses, blankets, cushions and bath towels now come in trendy floral, aquarium or jungle prints, stripes, plaids or dots. Wall art or decor, window shades or curtains in bold stripes or tropical colors provide the right backdrop for your child’s furniture and stuffed toys. Even floor coverings have come a long way. They not only come in plain colored carpets, but also rugs in stripes, plaids, checks, floral designs, and bold, geometric patterns. Some have amazing designs that look like works of art that would delight any contemporary urban parent. They would match and harmonize with any theme or motif of your choice, whether you want to achieve a trendy, funky look or a jungle-inspired motif.

Nursery or kids’ room floors should be basically clean and safe for your child as he or she begins to crawl and learn to walk. Smooth polished or laminated wood or bamboo is a good choice. Soft floor coverings like wall to-wall carpets are nice but expensive. Modern woolen rugs are an alternative; they are slip-proof, soft and comfortable enough as crawl space, and also can minimize noise caused by footsteps. Modern parents would appreciate the different piles of rugs to choose from, the easy-to-care types and hypo-allergenic features that make life easy for everyone. They should be easy to shampoo in case of spills, and durable enough to outlast the growing years of your child.

It is every modern mom’s dream to have easy-to-maintain children’s furniture and accessories that would minimize the hassles of housekeeping. Most busy moms today cannot afford maids to clean up for them; hence, they prefer homes that are easy to maintain. They go for kids’ furniture and furnishings that are durable, stain-proof and pet-proof. Not only that, they should also be chic and stylish, just right for the lifestyle of the kids of today.

With an eye for the cool and hip furnishings and decor in the market today, you can create your kids’ living space that could blend in with the rest of the modern, contemporary home. There is now available a wide array of designer wall decor, accents and kids area rugs to choose from, so one need not sacrifice style for practicality; they can both come together with the wise choices that fit your budget.

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