Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool Strollers for Cool Kids

You, just like all moms, would want to provide your kids with the right things. From furniture to gadgets, you want your kids to have everything that they will need. At the same time, you would want them to be comfortable and safe. My Urban Child has a wide selection of strollers, such as lightweight baby strollers which can be folded and unfolded and easily be brought anywhere.

There are a lot of modern strollers for babies and toddlers today. But not all of them are guaranteed safe for your baby. At My Urban Child, strollers come from great manufacturers all over the world that make child safety always be the top priority. Aside from that, these manufacturers produce strollers that are innovative and modern, at the same time, convenient to parents and children.

There are a lot of designer brands of strollers found in the store. An example is the 6.4 kilogram lightweight stroller from Scandinavian Child. It is called, “Micralite Fastfold Superlite.” An ergonomic stroller, it has the ability to maneuver all types of terrains using one hand. The seat can easily be reclined that will allow your baby to enjoy the view.

Another brand of stroller is by Englacha. The “My Englacha Easy” is an innovative stroller that has convertible seats. It can be used as a bassinet and a car seat. It is a good investment for parents since it is multi-functional.

Another cool stroller you should check out is from Baby Bling Design Co. It is an all-terrain stroller that comes with a first aid kit, rain cover, diaper bag, seat belt covers, head support, UV sunscreen and a carry bag. It is made of brushed aluminium frame and has unique designs and colors. It also has a dual direction seating so the baby can sit facing either in or out.

Another innovative stroller is called, “Abiie Good-to-Go Babydeck.” It functions not only as a stroller, but it can also be a place for changing the baby’s diaper. This changing platform is waterproof and can easily be cleaned and kept after using it. It also comes with a washable and removable diaper pad. It also has a child tray and a wide angle canopy to protect the baby against the sun and the rain. It has adjustable handles for different heights and comes with a large pouch ideal for books and magazines. This stroller indeed has interesting features.

In choosing baby strollers, aesthetics and functionality are not only the components needed. It is important that your baby is guaranteed safe and comfortable. Some strollers only look good, but are not durable and safe enough. Do some research first before buying.

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