Friday, April 8, 2011

Indoor and Outdoor Play Tents for Children

Thinking of buying cool playsets for your active toddler? If a playhouse is too heavy or occupies too much space, consider buying an indoor play tent. Play tents are the answer to a modern mom’s prayer to provide the perfect space for her kid to play indoors. When the weather is rainy or too hot, or playing outdoors is just too boring, he or she can hang out in this cool little space right inside the child’s room or the living room.

Play tents nowadays come in just the right sizes for your child, usually five feet square in area and 5 feet high. They come in sturdy fabric and smooth durable wooden frames. They are also in an amazing range of colors; in solids, plaids, or stripes. Some have leaf or flower prints, or even in adorable rodeo prints. Some have small paned windows to peek through, and lined door flaps for added accent. Any urban child would love this wonderful stuff, where he or she can while away the hours with or without playmates. Take a step further and buy him or her cowboy or Indian costumes, and let his imagination run wild as he camps inside the tent for hours on end.

Whether for indoors or outdoors, modern playsets nowadays are made with the safety of children in mind. They come in a wide range of designs for active children, like playhouses, sandboxes, and jungle gyms. While suited to every child’s whimsy, parents need not worry too much about accidents. These kids’ furniture are of durable eco-friendly and non-toxic materials with lead-free paint. The outdoor types are weather-proof with non-corrosive metal fittings. Indoor furniture and playsets are also sturdy with smooth edges and paint finishes, washable and easy to maintain. Play tents are easy to unfold, assemble and enjoy; they are also easy to fold up and store in your closet. This feature is important if you live in small apartments or condos where space is a precious commodity.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a single-detached house or duplex with a backyard, the outdoor tent is a wonderful item to install in the patio or on a grassy patch of lawn. On fine sunny days, spread a colorful blanket on the floor, and throw in some pillows for the comfort of your child and his playmates. They can imagine and pretend they are cowboys and Indians camping out in the wilds. This will help foster the children’s creativity while playing. While remembering some of their bedtime stories of the Lone Ranger or Pocahontas, they will surely have hours of fun and adventure in their little kids tents.

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