Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trendy Furniture for Modern Teens

As parents of a modern teen, you will find it a bit difficult to furnish his or her room in this transition stage. You need not fret; you can now browse thru the internet for teen bedroom furniture and get great ideas on how to add that sophisticated look to your kid’s bedroom with a slightly adult look. Wooden beds are available in walnut, maple or white finish. They could come as bunk beds, or the convenient trundle bed that would come in handy during sleepovers. There are box-type beds with drawer chests beneath, for storing all those knick-knacks and treasures accumulated from childhood. Match the bed with a dresser in the same finish, with a trendy-looking lamp, and you will create a room that your child will proudly show off to friends.

You can create a slightly grown-up look with the right accessories such as striped window shades, modern designer wallpaper, plump cushions, and color-coordinated bed linens for a harmonious effect that your child will love. . Create a theme such as a sailor or princess motif, and add to this the furniture and furnishings for a touch of child’s whimsy. Provide him with enough storage space for school supplies and personal accessories to avoid a cluttered look. You can find available in the market, accent pieces and wall art that come in bold colors that kids love. Enhance your teen’s bedroom with lamps in different shapes and colors, book-ends, matching study tables and chairs that are now available in the market to add to the contemporary look.

Delightful modern children furniture and bedroom accessories not only come in funky, cool colors, they are also crafted in different designs and shapes such as the acrylic chairs, bean bags in smooth leather or vinyl covers in warm tropical colors, modern geometric patterned rugs, and other accent pieces to brighten up your child’s room. Today’s modern parents would also appreciate the designer furniture for kids that are built with eco-friendly materials, lead-free paint finishes, non-toxic plastic and formaldehyde-free fabrics to ensure your kid’s health and safety.

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