Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lamps and Lighting Accents for your Nursery

Lighting fixtures and lamps are a wonderful addition to a modern room’s decor. When dressing up a baby’s nursery or a child’s room, modern moms and dads take great care in choosing the proper lighting fixtures and kids lamps. To harmonize with the rest of the furniture in your nursery, opt for trendy and contemporary lighting fixtures that are out of reach and safe for the baby. There are a wide array of safe and eco-friendly table lamps and night lights for your child’s room. They are made of heat-proof material and some are impact-proof to prevent breakage even when tilting over.

As accent pieces to enhance the room, you could never go wrong with the beautifully designed table lamps or light fixtures available in the market today. Their modern and sleek designs will help you create the right ambiance in your child’s room, reflecting your good taste and sense of style.

Your baby’s nursery should be in keeping with the rest of your contemporary home’s decor and style. You can blend in the accent pieces and accessories to create a theme or motif of your choice. For a jungle theme, you can install a green carpet to enhance and soften the floor, and add animal printed cushions, bedding's, and curtains. Lamps in blues and greens create a cool, restful look even at night, when your child is ready for bed. Lamps can be brightened for reading bedtime stories, or dimmed when it’s time to sleep. To add a creative touch, buy pet lamps that come in animal shapes, like dogs, cats, ducks or teddy bears. Your child will love these lights that are heat-proof even when touched.

Night lights also help soothe a nervous child who is not ready to sleep alone in the dark. These can be found in all shapes and sizes; just select one that blends best with the room décor.

Keeping your baby happy even in the evenings can be easily achieved with the right lighting fixtures and nursery lamps. These sturdy accent pieces are durable enough to last through their growing years. Even as toddlers, they will not outgrow their appreciation for these important elements of their rooms and will keep away the nightmares that often distress many small kids. Wise moms and dads would be happy to note that the well-designed and well-crafted lamps and night lights for children today keep in mind the safety aspect to avoid burns and fires. With your frequent inspection and proper placement, these fixtures and lamps will enhance your baby’s nursery or your child’s room and create a comfortable living space where he or she can spend many happy evenings.

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