Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Lamps Add a Finishing Touch to your Nursery

When furnishing your baby nursery or child’s room, you look for accent pieces to enhance the basic furniture. There are many ways to add that finishing touch to a room – wall art, curtains, cushions, rugs, or kids lamps. Lamps or overhead lighting are important to brighten a room, and should be bright enough at night time for extended playtime or for reading your bedtime stories. Lamps also set a soothing mood for bedtime. When choosing lamps for your nursery, look for the safe and impact-proof type that won’t break when taking a tumble. There are also heat-free lamps that are safe to touch, good lamps that have bright or dim lights, and come in many designs and colors to suit your theme while harmonizing with the rest of the decor.

Night lights are a must-have for babies or nervous toddlers who are not ready to sleep alone in the dark. Available in the internet or in furniture stores today, are a variety of unique night lights for your nursery, like pet lamps shaped as animals. They keep your child company when alone at night, as they are shaped like adorable teddy bears, dogs, ducks, or cats.

These imaginative and well-designed pieces are eco-friendly and heat-free, therefore, your curious toddler may touch them without discomfort. Eco-friendly bulbs are also a must, since these will give you lower electricity bills. Impact-proof lamp coverings are preferred by wise parents who don’t want accidents to happen to their active toddlers. It is always important to consider a safe and stable place for your lamps, while keeping electric cords away from the baby’s reach.

Lamps can set the mood at bedtime with their soft glow that induces a comfortable drowsiness in your kid. Coupled with soft music and proper ventilation, your child will tumble into dreamland in no time at all.

You will be amazed at the wide variety of children’s lamps available in the market today. Aside from animal shapes, you will find many contemporary shapes and styles to suit your modern taste. They come in cool hues of blues and greens for a calming and soothing atmosphere, or bright reds and oranges for a bolder color effect that adds warmth to a cold room. It would be a good idea to alternate these shades to suit the seasons, and your child’s nursery will not only be a trendy part of your home, but it will also earn rave comments from your visiting relatives. Nursery lamps are not only a practical addition to your baby furnishings, but they add a chic glow to create the overall effect of a contemporary nursery for your modern baby.

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