Friday, August 10, 2012

Stylish Lamps by Nuevo

What you’re really going to love about the Nuevo Living Armando Floor Lamp is that its design has a very modern feel to it. It flaunts a look that would go excellently with contemporary décor, though I suppose it could also work for classic or vintage homes if you spun your decor just right. It measures 19.75 by 17 by 21 inches, relatively convenient to move around, though it is by no means a small sort of lamp. One thing’s for sure though, this lamp—with its steel frame in a distinct half curve—was designed to make a statement.

Another similar product from Nuevo is the Apollo Pendant Lamp. This one is part of the same collection as the Armando, and it’s easy to spot the same kind of sophistication in the design. Still, the Apollo differs in a key number of ways, one of which is the very classy, sophisticated black shade, through which the light bulb and small, stylish accents hang through. It comes across as rather posh, and is attached to the ceiling via a three-rod steel frame—the kind of lamp that would most probably match the living or dining room. The lamp looks pretty high maintenance, but is fairly easy to install.

The Bora Small Pendant Lamp is comparable to the Armando Floor Lamp as well; it was designed with a fancy chrome finish, though you can also get the product in black or white. What I found interesting about the Bora Pendant Lamp was the interweaving mess of white chrome that houses the lightbulb, prompting a feeling of geometric chaos. It’s a great lighting appliance if you like to think about your furniture, and like other similar Nuevo products, this lamp is definitely one step above the rest.

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