Monday, August 13, 2012

Monster Storage Options from Babyletto

Few companies have ever nailed that one-stop storage furniture unit, but Babyletto definitely has. To start off, there’s the Modo Kids Modular Storage Horizontal Set, available in a lovely espresso finish.

The merits of this particular storage unit are numerous. For one thing, there are several drawers, cubby holes and surfaces on and in which you can store various what-nots—from sheets to toys to extra pillows. For another, you can actually rearrange the entire unit to fit your organizational preference, as well as for saving space. The whole unit is made up of nine stackable units that you can arrange whatever way you like, or you can use them as separate storage in themselves.

If you need the same level of organization that doesn’t necessarily take up more space, you might want to check out the Modo Open Cupboard, which features four open cubbyholes in a square formation. You can purchase more than one of this and stack them one on top of the other.

While either of these options is a pretty good deal, if you’re looking for more heavy-duty storage, consider getting the much larger Modo Modern Modular Storage “The Wall”. Rightly named for the amount of space it tends to take up, The Wall makes up for its bulkiness in its extremely diverse and roomy storage space.

It features nine stackable wall units, specifically three three base drawers, four open storage cubes and two storage cabinets. You can do whatever you want with all the space, and like the Modular Storage Horizontal Set, you can take these pieces apart and use them as inidivual storage units by themselves. One unit features a corkboard, as well, an extra plus in organization, where your kids can pin reminders and assignments.

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