Friday, August 10, 2012

Lights Up! Wall Sconces For Your Home

Wall sconces have an underrated elegance about them. We tend to place them in places that aren’t so easily noticeable for the most part, though I find they play an important role in creating a balanced lighting scheme.

The Rex Large Wall Sconce is part of Lights Up!’s wide selection of lighting products. Like many lighting products on the market, this walls sconce leans towards a more modern design, though I think it would fit either classic or contemporary styled homes nicely. The sconce looks quite classy, with a back plate in shiny nickel finish, as well as a lamp shade that comes in either silk or linen, the former of which I recommend, as the quality of the material is worth investing in. The lamp has relatively low wattage; you’ll need 40-watt light bulbs to get it up and running.

In the same line, the Meridian Large Wall Sconce comes in an interesting array of fabrics that complements its sophisticated style. The shades come in all sorts of prints as well, and you can choose among the various styles, depending on your home’s present décor.

You can find the Meridian Large Wall Sconce in shades that are either linen or 100% silk, good durable quality whichever you choose (though I still stand by the silk option). If you feel like being a little more creative, try looking through the different colors for the shade. I especially like that the lamp also comes in multiple finishes; all in all adding a certain flexibility to your home décor. Aside from the many choices you can make regarding its design, you’ll appreciate the efficiency of the sconce’s 40-watt light output; it offers just enough light without any of that annoying glare, not to mention is reasonably easy on my electric bill.

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