Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knifty Privacy Screen Doubles as Divider

Privacy screens are all the rage these days, mostly because they create different spaces within spaces—a little spot of quiet individuality in the middle of the helter skelter of the day.
The Knifty Privacy Screen features levelers on the bottom that make it easy to move the screen around and adjust as needed. It is also available in six different low-VOC veneers, though the dark brown is a beautiful shade and is highly recommended.

The Knifty Privacy Screen is ideal as a divider, particularly in rooms with more than one function. The screen could divide the bedroom into a sleeping space and study area, or a sleeping space and a vanity, and other variants. In the workplace, a privacy screen could shut out the world for a bit while you take a lunch break or a moment from all the busy-ness.
A privacy screen could also hide any unsightly portions of the room, or other architectural oddities that mess with the furniture dynamic. Used strategically, a privacy screen or divider can add a level of efficiency in the room as well.

The screen is solidly built, with the kind of finish that looks like it was meant to last—great value for your money. While it can adequately serve as a room divider and does offer a measure of privacy, it’s not the kind of screen you can use for changing, or for extra privacy, owing to the strips in the screen walls. It might also look a little bulky for those of you who prefer a certain touch of delicacy in your furniture, and there’s really nothing very fancy about it, athough functionally it does just fine.

However, the Knifty Privacy Screen blends well into any kind of décor, and its unassuming style might just be what you need if you’d like to cast emphasis on other parts of the room.

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