Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ferm Dishes Out Cozy Knitted Covers

Add a personalized touch to your vases with a knitted vase cover by Fern Living. It’s definitely not a new concept, but knitted things always take you right back to memories of home and its comforts, at least to most of us.

The vase cover comes in a lovely blue, though there are probably other colors available, not to mention sizes. It’s made of cotton rope, too—stable and not fuzzy enough to have any dormant allergies acting up. The vase inside giving the cotton structure is made of glass, so a little care when handling is in order.

It should be noted that not many people nowadays bother to deck their vases in cotton covers, though if you are meticulous in keeping dust off all furniture surfaces (or if you have a particularly delicate vase that you don’t want to see the light of day), the Ferm vase cover should do just fine.  n any case, the vase can be used to store a variety of materials, making for good storage regardless.

Ferm also has another similar knitted product, though for baskets, and it’s not just a knitted cover for baskets, it’s literally a knitted basket, made of the same cotton rope as the knitted vase cover, and in a darker shade of blue. Again, nobody thinks about covering furniture in knitted things anymore, much less baskets, but it’s nice to know that it’s there for when you need it.

Regardless, when you do need them, these Ferm knitted covers more than serve their purpose. They also create a very homey feel to your furniture, and you can achieve that without even having knit the covers yourself. To top it off, you can never go wrong with a little extra storage. 

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