Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cranial Cradle: Sleeping Position is Critical to Proper Development of the Cranium!

Cranial Cradle
Cranial Cradle visionaries Vince and Sheryl Lake previously operated a 6000 sq. ft. childcare center in Maryland. During this time, they began their research regarding plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and they were determined to make a difference since the only therapies were corrective, expensive and long-term. There were no preventative measures that parents could take, so the Lakes set out to create cutting-edge products that ensure babies have a surface to sleep on that may reduce excess pressure to the developing cranium. The result of their efforts is Cranial Cradle available at My Urban Child.
The Cranial Cradle Bassinet Pad is a customized high-density foam replacement pad for your bassinet with a 2.75 depth for ultimate comfort and support. Each bassinet pad is crafted with our revolutionary contoured pod design that was inspired by parents for parents who want their baby to sleep in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. This design was produced to relieve the external pressure on the baby’s head and body. Each pad has a sculpted contoured pod that cradles your baby’s head and body as gently as you. The replacement pad is recommended for infants 0-3 months. Firm Support in accordance with pediatrician and Consumer Product Safety Commission firmness recommendations.
The Cranial Cradle Pod Crib Mattress for Twins is the first of its kind in the marketplace. This design was inspired with twice the creativity to ultimately allow parents to maximize their twin baby’s sleep patterns. This customized 6-inch, high-density foam crib mattress was crafted incorporating our revolutionary pod design, but with 2 pods to accommodate co-sleeping for twins. The dual pod crib mattress has two sculpted, contoured pods on a diagonal at each end of the crib mattress to provide the infants with a safe, controlled and supportive co-sleeping environment. The dual pods also allow you to reposition your babies each time you or your caregiver lay them down to rest.

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