Friday, August 23, 2013

Foamnasium: Soft, Safe, Shapes For Kids!

Foamnasium by Foamcraft Logo

Foamnasium designs foam play products and furniture exclusively for kids. Their products are safe, durable, soft, colorful, and environment-friendly, using their more than 60 years of experience in dealing with polyurethane. They are manufactured to allow kids to have fun, develop their motor skills, and explore and expand their imaginations. This product line offers a wide range of modern playroom furniture that has been uniquely designed and superbly constructed, perfect for play and rest. Their array of foam playroom furniture includes safe and durable chairs, sofas, pillows, and tables that will also be great fixtures in schools and daycares. Foamnasium ensures that they stay on top of the line at all times by keeping themselves abreast in the latest upgrades in technology. Their line of foam playroom furniture available at My Urban Child allows kids to use some focused stimulation for their own development, focusing on creating pieces that are attractive, functional, and fun.
Foamnasium Straight Back Sofa Blue
The Straight Back Sofa in Blue create areas for conversation and socialization. This piece was created to help promote good posture for your child. It can be combined with the Foamnasium chairs or blocks to create conversation pits. The soft vinyl and foam has antimicrobial & antibacterial protection. This piece meets all US flammability standards and contains only CPSIA compliant materials.
Foamnasium Mailbox in Yellow
The Mailbox in Yellow will help spark your child's creativity.  It includes a handle for easy toting around.  This item can be used to improve their balancing skills.  Also, it fits under the optional Tunnel.  It can be combined with the wedge, blocks, tunnel, and other Foamnasium items to create a soft and safe play area. The material is easy to clean, tough and resilient vinyl.

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