Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emeco is Modern Aluminum Furniture for Adults Available at My Urban Child!

EMECO | Modern Aluminum Chairs - 1951 Chiar
The Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) was founded in 1944 in Hanover Pennsylvania utilizing the skills of local craftsman. They were given a big assignment by the US Government during WWII, to make chairs that could withstand water, salt, air and sailors. These chairs were made lightweight and strong to last for a lifetime. They were designed by real people and engineered for practical purposes.  Aluminum was the obvious choice for materials. Emeco simply named the chair with a number: 1006.  It is also knows as the Navy Chair. There are 77 steps it takes to create any Emeco Chair including forming, welding, grinding, heat-treating, finishing and anodizing just to name a few. There is no other company that makes chairs this way because no one can. It truly takes a human hand and a human eye to know when the process is done right. Emeco's goal is to make products that last and to make recycling obsolete and My Urban Child loves their philosophy.
Emeco Navy Chair
The Navy Chair was first built in 1944 for use on submarines and has been in continuous production ever since. Emeco craftsmen take soft and recycled aluminum and then hand form, weld it, then temper it for strength. Finally, the chair is anodized for a durable finish. These are all part of the famous 77 step process. These Navy Chairs are guaranteed for life.
Emeco 1951 Bar Stool
The 1951 Bar Stool provides a blast from the past!  It is a modern upgrade from the chairs that were originally used in Navy hospitals back in 1951. This bar stool is cost-effective while remaining highly durable.  The seats are made of ABS sturdy plastic and come in seven different exciting colors. It includes a brushed and anodized aluminum frame which contributes to its sturdiness.  Also, these bar stools can be stacked six high to conserve space. 

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