Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lafer Recliners are Perfect for Rest and Relaxation!

LAFER | Lafer Brazil - Modern Leather Recliners
Lafer is one of the most popular furniture companies in Brazil. For over 80 year now, they have created high quality furniture that is well known for their elegance, ergonomics, and comfort. Their best product are their modern leather recliners that have been researched and developed for years in order to come up with designs that are stylish and comfortable. My Urban Child carries various collections of Lafer Reclining Chairs with various colors, finishes, and models. All of them have the exclusive Lafer retractable footrest along with independent fine adjustments for the backrest and headrest, assuring optimal comfort. Interestingly, most of the names of their recliners have been inspired by legendary lady singers.
Lafer Adele Reclining Chair
The Adele Reclining Chair by Lafer Brazil has a retractable footrest. This Recliner Chair offers ergonomic and generous spacing with adjustable features. The backrest inclines from 90 degrees (seated) to 170 degrees (sleeping position). The headrest has an angle adjustment and height adjustment. There are articulating armrests with optional power adjustments.  Also, an extra footrest extension is available as an option for all Lafer Recliners.
Lafer Bjork Reclining Chair
The Bjork Reclining Chair by Lafer Brazil has a laid back design in soft leather which ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. Depending on your preference, you can easily set the level of recline that you need to enjoy a quiet afternoon lazing in your playroom. A smartly padded headrest gives the head a great deal of support while sitting or lying back. Beautiful, elegant, and comfortable, this Lafer reclining chair can add sophistication to your living space. The adjustment knob in the chair lets you adjust the backrest as well as the footrest. The rounded arms look sleek and enhance the overall look of this lounge chair.


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