Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its Potty Time with Levels of Discovery and Teamson Design!

Baby Potty Chairs – Potty Chairs for Boys – Travel Potty Chair
It is potty time here at My Urban Child brought to you by Levels of Discovery and Teamson Design! Both of these respected designers carry a variety of Potty Chairs and Travel Potty Chairs.  Every parent knows how difficult it can be to potty train your child.  It is certainly a process with many accidents along the way.  It makes the whole process a lot easier when you have a potty chair with amusing designs and vibrant color schemes.  Your child will be much more interested and have much more fun learning the art of using the bathroom on their own with the potty chairs we have to offer.

Levels of Discovery It's Potty Time Potty Toddlers Chair
Our collection from Levels of Discovery makes potty training fun for you and your baby. Your baby will learn to do the deed while sitting on this beautiful potty training chair.  The It's Potty Time Toddler Potty Chair is universal for both boys and girls.  There is a special message that reads "Time moves slow when you want to go!"  It includes an actual working timer and a removable plastic container easily lifts off the seat for easy clean up. There is an insert that can be replaced with a wooden lid for use as a regular chair.
Teamson Design Kids Potty Chair with Music
The Music Potty Chair is great for potty training.  It has a beautiful hand painted color scheme with a picture frame holder. The ability to play music is a great additional feature! Your child just has to pull the string and will enjoy music while they use the chair!  Teamson Design features hand painted and hand carved products.  This particular item is multifunctional as both a potty chair and a rocker.  It also includes multiple features such as a magazine rack and toilet paper holder.

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