Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Englacha Strollers and Stroller Accessories!

Englacha was established in 1986 and has continued to prove itself to be a competent company that supplies high quality baby products. The company’s name is the Taiwanese word for “stroller” which is exactly what they offer to their customers. Originally home-based in Taipei, the company has since then opened offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles, constantly coming up with new innovations for the expediency and comfort of both the baby and the parent. They base their new products on safety, innovation, and convenience which make them a perfect partner for My Urban Child.
Englacha My Englacha Easy - Black
The My Englacha Easy is a 3-in-1 top-swiveled stroller with a convertible seat/bassinet and car seat frame. Englacha offers the most innovative baby carriages designed for your baby's safety and comfort. The free swivel feature enables you to adjust this stroller easily with your baby on board. With the unique feature of extra 90° and 270° sitting positions, your baby will explore the world with different vision angles.
Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider
The 2-in-1 Junior X Rider has a seat connected with this special rider. This exclusive Englacha accessory can fit any stroller as long as there is a horizontal tube/axle on the stroller which can be connected with the adapter of the rider. Some of the features included are as follows: A Universal 2-in-1 (Seating and Standing) board for children that will attach to almost any stroller, baby carriage, on and off connector makes it easy to use, height and width adjustments, saddle with comfortable backrest and safety belt, handle bar with extra-soft grips, and cushioned wheel for extra comfort.

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