Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sitting Bull Bean Bags Come In A Variety of Sizes And Styles!

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Bean Bags.  I don’t care if you are 7 years old or 70 years old.  Although at 70 it may be a little more difficult to get up and out of the Bean Bag, it is still pretty awesome.  Sitting Bull is proud to offer a variety of sizes and styles, and My Urban Child is proud to offer these products.  The sizes are Bull (large), Medium Bull, and Mini Bull.  The styles range from solid colors to sophisticated designs.  Children, parents and grandparents will all enjoy these bean bags in comfort and style!
Sitting Bull Fashion Bean Bag - Stars and Stripes
Show your American patriotism with the Stars and Stripes Fashion Bean Bag by Sitting Bull.  The dimensions are 75 inches by 51 inches by 12 inches which is perfect for any adult and will swallow up any child.  The fabric is 100 percent polyester and is water resistant and breathable.  This fashion bag is more than just an ornamental piece.  It is an individual piece of furniture that can be seamlessly integrated into interiors that exude character.

Sitting Bull Mini Fashion Bean Bag - ABC
The ABC Mini Fashion Bean Bag by Sitting Bull is perfect for your child.  They can lounge in comfort and learn the alphabet at the same time!  The outer cover is removable and washable due to the presence of an inner bag.  Also, there is a 4 inch wide Velcro zipper closure which is extra strong and childproof.  This is the first collection of beanbags to cater for different interior design styles, even for your kids!

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