Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bobles Tumbling Animals!

bObles - Bobles Tumbling Animals
Bobles, the brainchild of Danish sisters Bolette and Louise Blædel, offers a series of multifunctional furniture that children can play with and adults can furnish in their sitting rooms. The result today is a variety of fixtures, called Bobles Tumbling Animals, each with their own unique shape and many functions.

The Tumbling Elephant by Bobles, for example, offers a rocking function to provide stimulation to the child while sitting. Later, the child can start to stand on the feet of the Elephant, practicing their balance. This can also be used lied on, both on the stomach or on the back. Finally, it can function as a chair to sit on for adults.

bObles Tumbling Crocodile - 6 Layer  

bObles Tumbling Crocodile - 6 Layer

Another one of the Bobles Animals is the Tumbling Crocodile, functions foremost as a staircase, perfect for enhancing the balance and strength of the child. Once turned upside down it can function as a see saw. It is able to seat 2 to 3 children all at the same time with its seating levels. 

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