Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern Strollers and Accessories for Your Precious Baby

It is nice to walk in the park with your baby in a stroller while enjoying the scenery. Thus, you will need a durable and functional stroller and accessories for your precious little one. There are different types of modern kids strollers and you have to be wise in choosing the one that is sturdy and versatile.

A famous kind of stroller is the Baby Bling Design ATS Safety Stroller. This type of stroller is very versatile. It includes a diaper bag with a diaper bag holder, first aid kit, UV sun screen, footmuff, raincover, bicycle pump, matching head support, matching seat belt covers and a master carry bag with 3 wheel bags. It comes with a dual direction seat unit so your baby can either face in or out. You can always keep an eye on your baby because of its clear-view window. It also has a large pocketed hood to adequately protect or shade your baby from the sun. It also has a mesh-around backrest for the stroller to have built-in ventilation.

Have a baby’s stroller and a changing table in one product. Check out the Abbie G2G BabyDeck in Black color. For mom’s who are on-the-go or who would love to bring their baby around. This stroller will provide your baby a sanitary or a clean place to change his diaper right at the seat of the stroller. It has a “safety bump” technology that prevents the seat of the stroller from accidentally folding. It has a removable and a washable diaper pad. It has a sun and rain wide-angle canopy that has an extra-large peek-a-boo window. It comes with a shock absorber on its 4 wheels. It also has a front adjustable 5-point harness. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. It also has a built-in storage compartment and an infant car seat adaptor.

There are strollers accessories that you could buy together with the stroller. Such as cellphone, Blackberry or iPad holders, portable speakers, etc. Have fun with your baby outdoors with these functional strollers and accessories.

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