Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery with Modern and Chic Baby Furniture

You want to create the perfect nursery before your baby arrives. That is why you have to start shopping for baby nursery furniture and accessories, so that you could put all these pieces together and create the best nursery in town. Aside from infant clothing, bathing accessories and feeding bottles, you have to buy the major pieces found in a baby’s nursery.

Cariboo Folding Changer

Starting with the infant crib, some parents would prefer with the traditional ones. AFG Baby Furniture’s Spring 3-in-1 Crib is made of solid wood. It includes a drawer beneath it and it can be converted into a toddler day bed or a full size bed. It has a guard rail and it has a 4-level mattress height adjustment.

For your modern type home, you could go for the Maclaren Nursery Moderne Crib Collection Designed by David Netto. It has a simple yet modern design that will truly match your modern taste. It comes with fixed side rails and an adjustable platform. It has a sliding shelf below it and it is constructed using high-quality materials. It is made in the EU.

Your baby will need a modern bassinet. The Offi and Co. Nest Modern Bassinet has a bent plywood and chrome finish. It has a 100% brushed cotton slip cover and a 100% polyurethane foam pad mattress that has a moisture resistant Tyvek cover. This will give your baby a comforting, cozy and warm place to sleep.

For your baby’s changing time and storage for his clothes, you could go for a baby’s changing table and dresser in one. The Maclaren Nursery Louis Dresser Collection Designed by David Netto has a changer and a dresser in one unit. It includes a partition tray on the top for the baby’s changing essentials. It comes with five drawers below it.

You could also add a baby’s hammock to help him sleep. There are hammocks that can be used for indoors or outdoors.

There are different kinds of modern baby furniture and choose only the ones that are useful and functional.

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