Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool and Chic Lighting for Your Child’s Room

Most of the time, a lot of kids are afraid of the dark. When you put off the lights at night, kids would usually be scared. So, it is important to provide them with a lamp shade or a night light. This will help them sleep well and without feeling scared and frightened. There are different types of kids lighting that have different designs.

Just like the GloMate Plus by Mobi Technologies which is soft to touch, durable and kids friendly. It has a 15-minute dim to sleep mode in different colors. It has a long-lasting Li-Ion battery and an Auto-On if it’s lifted or when there is a power outage.

Also from Mobi Technologies is the GloMate Jr. It emits a soft glow of Blue, Red, Green or rainbow colors. It is great for travels or during mom’s breastfeeding time to her baby. It is bright and it is energy-efficient. It is safe, at the same time durable. It has a soft-touch surface. It has a heat-free LED. It comes with 3pcs. AAA batteries.

The Offi & Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Begging Buddy – Children’s Table Lamp or Nightlight is made of a non-toxic and an odorless plastic that has a low voltage, 12 volts replaceable bulb. The charming dog design will complement a child’s room and it is available in two colors: Warm Milk and Light Chocolate.
Check out the Offi & Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Howee Pup – Children’s Table Lamp or Nightlight. The charming Howee Pup Jr. design looks very adorable and children will love it. Also made of odorless plastic that is non-toxic, it uses a 12V, low-voltage replaceable bulb. The kids can also mark on the plastic lamp using washable markers. The lamp is available in Soft White, Mellow Yellow, Sky Blue, Misty Green and Sunset Orange.

These children’s or nursery lamps will surely enhance a child’s room. These lamps will not only make the room chic and cool but it will make the children feel safe and secure. These will make them feel at ease.

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