Monday, July 15, 2013

Jennifer Delonge: Modern Furniture for Both Children and Adults!

JENIFER DELONGE | Modern Childrens Furniture - Modern Childrens Rocker
Jennifer Delonge is a celebrated interior and product designer in the realm of modern family design. She integrates her contemporary and playful aesthetic into the fixtures that she designs for a hipper living space. Along with all the other collections, her modern children’s furniture is a favorite among boutiques and celebrities, as well as My Urban Child.  Jennifer’s collection of modern children’s furniture has made her a leader in the industry. Her line of sofas, chairs, tables, gliders, ottomans, storage, and stools provide moms and dads the convenience of having such pieces that are both aesthetically functional and easy.
Jennifer Delonge Luxe Child Chair
Are the chairs in the house just a tad too big for your child? Jennifer Delonge provides the answer to all your problems with its Luxe Child Chair. The Luxe Child Chair is a stylish and yet functional addition to the home, and will do a great job of providing a place to sit for your child in various areas of the house, like the playroom, family room, or right in the living room with the rest of the family furniture but child-sized. Modern and beautifully designed, this is one investment you just can’t go wrong with.
Jennifer Delonge Wing Recliner Glider
A recliner that doubles as a glider offers the ultimate combination of luxury and comfort. This is what the Jennifer Delonge Wing Recliner Glider promises to provide you with. Bask in all its glory while you enjoy some quality time with your kids. You can read them a story, rock them to sleep, or simply just snuggle with them. Do all this while you also recline and relax in this piece of furniture that is included in the lists of top 10 recliners.

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