Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cariboo: Bassinets, Cribs and Changers from New Zealand!

CARIBOO | Cariboo Hammocks - Cariboo Cribs
Based in North Canterbury, New Zealand, Cariboo creates a wide range of nursery products that can be used by children from all over the world. Each product has been skillfully handcrafted to give birth to a customizable system that can be modified with finishes and accessories to suit any need and lifestyle. Cariboo offers accessories that can be mixed and matched to create the best space for any baby or toddler. Like all My Urban Child products, this product line is made with the highest quality, so each piece is assured that it will conveniently work for the parent, the baby, the budget, and the available space with ease.
Cariboo Kiwi Crib
This sophisticated Kiwi Crib is crafted from sustainable timber and finished to an extremely high standard. The Crib has two adjustments for the mattress height and fits a 130 cm x 69 cm mattress. No drop sides eliminate the risk of mechanisms failing or breaking, making it a very solid safe piece of furniture. Also, this Cariboo Crib converts to a toddler bed and a sofa with conversion kits that are sold separately.
Cariboo Classic Bassinet
The Classic Bassinet is a substantial piece of furniture with timeless style which looks elegant either beside adult bedroom furniture or in a nursery setting. Beautifully proportioned, this Cariboo Bassinet has a gently curved form, smooth rounded edges and excellent stability. Its heirloom qualities will make it a treasured item that is loved and used by a family for many generations.

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