Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ubabub: Stylish, Practical, Durable, and Ecologically Friendly Cribs and Furniture!

Über stylish and practical, Ubabub offers a line of ultra-safe, durable and ecologically friendly cribs and furniture. With a distinctly modern aesthetic, the carefully designed and constructed pieces not only add a streamlined modern edge to the nursery, but also bring extra comfort and freedom to parents and babies. Ubabub (pronounced über-bub) is a line of Australian designed premium-end nursery and children’s’ products. Initially only available throughout Australia, this high-end brand has now come to the US, via a new partnership with The MDB Family, and now available at My Urban Child!

Ubabub Pod Crib

Ubabub Pod Crib

The Pod Crib is a cozy cocoon-shaped crib with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. Innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cutouts allow for an impended view inside the crib, making checking on baby simple. Plus, it's easy to assemble, clean and maintain. This Ubabub crib also includes a custom-fitted mattress and features two adjustable mattress positions.

Clear Sides: Clear sides allow for greater visibility, assisting with checking on and settling baby. A series of carefully-designed shapes have been laser cut out of the clear sides to allow for additional airflow while still being small enough to keep little fingers safe.

 Low-Height: Designed with a low profile to make it easy to lift your child in and out of the crib.

 Upper and Lower Mattress Positions: The upper position is suitable for when your baby is young and less mobile. The lower position is used when your baby becomes mobile and can sit up.

 Eco-Friendly: The Pod Crib has great eco-credentials. The timber plywood components have been sourced from renewable plantations. It uses non-toxic finishes and all plastic and metal components have been selected for their recyclable properties. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-mold and anti-mildew.

 Advanced Design: Unlike any other crib its unique ultra-modern aesthetic offers a luxurious clear view of the world for baby. The Pod Crib is a stunning piece of furniture that will inspire an equally beautiful nursery setting to complement your modern home.

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