Friday, July 12, 2013

Oeuf: Pronounced Like the “Uff” in Stuff!

Oeuf - Oeuf Crib - Oeuf Nursery
Oeuf literally translates to “egg” in French.  They use only clean and simple design to create environmentally-safe yet design-conscious furnishings for the baby nursery. The company lives by the belief that babies do not need many items, they only need safe and practical essentials in order for them to grow well. This modern baby and children’s furniture maker has now grown to become a leader in the industry. Many parents have already attested to the style and curability of its structure, the reason why it is guaranteed to last for a long time. These can be used for years ensuring customers get a good return on their investment.
Oeuf Classic Crib
The Oeuf Classic Crib lends a simple but elegant look to your child’s room. Cribs are usually the focal point of any nursery, and this one nails it well with a clean, minimal look! On top of its attractiveness, the Oeuf Classic crib adheres to the necessary safety standards with its fixed side rails and absence of any joints between the sides, footboard and headboard. Built low to the ground to significantly reduce any risk for injury, this crib was designed to stay with you and your child through the long haul. After those days, the Oeuf Classic Crib allows for a stylish and economical toddler conversion when your little one is ready for that big girl or big boy bed.
Oeuf Toy Store
Encourage your child to learn the value of organization with the Oeuf Toy Store. Made up of a three-tier storage bin, this storage unit is perfect for the many books and toys you find normally cluttered up on the playroom floor. The storage bins are pretty versatile, and can be place in either flat or tilted positions; you can even remove and rearrange them as you please! Take organization to a whole new level with this ingenious organization product from Oeuf. With a great modern look that will complement the other Oeuf children’s furniture collections or your own specially designed kids room, this furniture piece will last through the infant, toddler and teen years (though the contents may change!)

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