Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deciding on Your Child’s First Book Shelf

Instill an early love of books in your child by getting them a good book shelf. With a child-friendly build, mentally stimulating colors, a shelf dedicated entirely to books should be a mainstay in your child’s bedroom, just as much as the toy shelves and chests.

The Pkolino Playful Book Shelf, for instance, is an excellent example. The shelf exudes a good sense of playfulness, and will invite any child to take down a book from its shelf. Aside the structure’s clean blacks and whites, the book shelf is extremely efficient, with numerous divisions and compartments that can be used to store away a few toys as well as books. The bookshelf is also customizable, and you can redesign it whichever way you like. In addition, it is made of a sturdy combination of fiber board and wood.

The Pkolino Book Shelf is intended for kids three years and older—early enough to get your child started on books.

On the other hand, the smaller, yet nonetheless functional Teamson Design Kids’ Sports Book Shelf is good as well, though it’s not so much a freestanding book shelf than it is a table-top organizer. The shelf is merely one in a coordinating set, though the book ends and shelf can also used separately.

On its own, it’s an excellent shelf for space-savers, and exudes the same colorful appeal that draws in kids.  Built and painted largely by hand, attention to detail has not been lost on the shelf. The book ends are good for housing a few favorite books, and perhaps notebooks and other important school supplies. The sports shelf helps kids learn the value of both books and organization, all in a neat little set sitting atop their study desks.

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