Friday, March 1, 2013

Playing is More Fun with CedarWorks Playsets

Tags, hide and seek, running, jumping, going down a slide and chasing- these are some of the things children love to do because it gives them pleasure. We all remember how fun it was to do these things and we should also give that same pleasure to our children! But what if the weather outside won’t let your little tots go out and play?
Introducing CedarWorks’ Rhapsody 1 Indoor Playset. This is the first in the line of their Rhapsody playset that you can provide for your precious little ones. It is compact and very cute so it can fit in any corner of your house. Or if you have the space where your kids can really go all out, why not give them the Rhapsody 9 Indoor Playset? Let their imagination run wild and give them their exercise as they play pirates of the sea and go up the rope ladder, down the pole, across the monkey bars then down the huge slide! These are just some of the fun things your kids can do with a CedarWorks playset.

Here at CedarWorks, every playset is made with the top grade materials that would not harm your children. Each playset is made with furniture grade hardwood, is earth friendly, has no plastic components and color stains passed the VOC emissions regulations of the state and federal laws. Your mind may rest easy as they play with a signature CedarWorks’ Rhapsody Indoor Playset.
Not only that, CedarWorks Playsets are fully customizable to fit your space perfectly and to the things your kids would like to do. CedarWorks will answer all your questions and will help you in every step of the way.

So share the excitement of owning a CedarWorks Playset and let your kids have all the fun they can get!

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