Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your Twin Girls will Love this DwellStudio Duvet Set!

To anyone who has identical twins, it has become the norm to dress up their babies in matching (and sometimes even identical) clothes, let them play matching toys, and let them share the same room. And who would not love doing this? Having twins is something that many parents wish to have, and yet only a few are blessed with. Who would not love them all looking identical from head to foot?

And since you have already gone out of your way to make them look more identical, why not give them matching duvet sets as well? Here’s a great one from DwellStudio for your twin little girls: Butterfly Robins Egg Twin Duvet Set.

Any little girl would love butterflies and having a duvet covered with enchanting butterflies would be a treat to them. Its botanical theme will spark their imaginations and make for a creative and whimsical between your babies (and maybe even with their friends). Bathed in calming colors of pink and blue, this set would be perfect for any little girl’s room, brightening up the space to facilitate a lively environment where your little girls can play in.

Each duvet set comes with a duvet cover and a standard French back sham. Its 200 thread count long staple cotton should give your child all the comfort that she needs to not only have a colorful and vibrant play area, but a comfortable place to snuggle and sleep in as well.

Aside from the Butterfly Robins Egg Twin Duvet Set, DwellStudio has many other duvet sets that you and your child should love. From the feminine floral designs to the masculine car decors, you are assured that there is something for your little one, whatever their personality or preference is.

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