Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keep Your Baby Snug and Comfy with DwellStudio’s Playsuits

Playtime is one of the best times for parents to bond with their babies. Sitting on a rocking chair reading them a story, talking to them while they are lying in their crib, or watching them as they learn how to crawl are just a few of the most precious things that any parent would love to do with their precious ones.

Of course, in any activity, you would want to make sure that what they are wearing is comfortable and suitable for whatever they will do. And if there is one piece of infant clothing that is very comfortable and versatile at the same time, it would have to be playsuits. Looking for the perfect playsuit for your special little one? Take a look at the line by DwellStudio.

You should love the Cars Grey Playsuit for your little boy. Adorned with cars, this is the ultimate boyish getup for your little one. And if cars are not you (and your son’s) style, let him get in touch with nature instead and get the Owl Sky Playsuit in lovely colors green, blue, grey and white.

For your little girl, DwellStudio has the perfect playsuits for them as well. There is the lovely Zinnia Rose Playsuit. Its lovely flowers in beautiful shades of pink and purple will definitely look great on your little girl. There is also the Starburst Chocolate Playsuit if you are after a more classic look.

Let you baby make a fashion statement with these long-sleeved playsuits from DwellStudio. Along with their signature print, this one-piece suit features snap closures, lap shoulder and ribbed cuffs. Made from 100% organically-grown cotton, you are assured that your child is not only safe but is also comfortable as well.

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