Monday, January 28, 2013

Challenge and Stimulation on the Tumbling Whale

Creating a challenging and stimulating environment for your child is a must for every parent, considering that it is during these years that their young body and minds are at its peak of growing and learning. To create such, careful selection of toys and accessories is essential.

These toys and accessories should not only challenge and stimulate your child; it should also be safe. And if there is one company that effectively combines these aspects together, it would have to be bObles. A creator of playful interior essentials for children, the company creates great designs that both children and parents would love to have in their homes. Its line of Tumbling Animals can be used as furniture, although it is primarily designed to enhance the motor skills of children while playing.

One particular product is the Tumbling Whale. This is a rocking function that will challenge and stimulate your child while he is sitting, working on core stability. On its own, it is a great chair for sitting. When combined with another Whale, it become a circular table.

Designed for ages 3 and up, the Tumbling Animals each has their own way to influence the motor skills of any child. When the Tumbling Whale is combined with other Tumbling Animals like the Tumbling Fish, you are allowing him to make an obstacle course for a more enjoyable playing and giving your child many opportunities to develop their body.

All the products of bObles are made with environmentally-friendly materials, from firm foam whose safety is especially tested for children. They do not absorb water and are very easy to clean – just wipe them up and you’re done. And, no, the Tumbling Animals will not make any damages on your furniture and wall. It will also not leave marks on walls.

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