Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bring the Outdoors Indoors with the Classic Playhouse

Indeed, the outdoors brings so much wonder for the curious mind of a child. Practically all things will spark their imagination and creativity – the bright sunlight, cool wind, colorful flowers, rich wildlife (of insects and birds, that is), and lush bushes, to name a few. Truth be told, no other environment can top it. Well, not until CedarWorks started creating their line of beautiful playsets.

So, when the weather is not too good for little Susie to play outside, the Classic Playhouse would make for a perfect substitute indoors (perhaps even much better). This playhouse amazingly brings the winders of nature right inside your house, allowing your child to still revel in the natural environment even when it’s raining outside.
This playhouse is called “classic” for nothing. It has the same big space and roof design that you might have had when you were little. It features three wide shelved windows, cottage door, flowers, bugs, and birds. Plus, your child can do so many things while playing in it – draw on the full wall chalkboard, play house with friends, or discover nature in it.

Made from furniture grade solid hardwood and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels, the Classic Playhouse is designed with optimal materials and stains that exceed all federal and state VOC emission regulations. It also does not contain any plastic components, giving you a clear conscience that you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

The best part about this is that this is fully customizable. This allows you to design the playhouse according to what you and your child like, as well as with your indoor space. This should be a perfect addition not only to homes, but also to doctor’s offices, day cares, and practically any indoor area frequented by kids. Now, all that you need is your kid’s imagination to bring everything to life.

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