Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enjoying the Indoors with this CedarWorks Playset

For kids, nothing beats playing in the great outdoors. There are just so many places and things that can take their interest, even when they are just out playing in the backyard. There are times, though, that playing in the outdoors is not too favorable, particularly when the weather is bad or if there will be no one to watch out for them while they admire the plants in the flowerbed or dig up things in the soil.

It is because of this that indoor playsets have grown to become so popular among households that have imaginative kids who are always on the go. Among the many brands that have jumped into this niche, perhaps one of the best would have to be CedarWorks. One of their most popular products is the Rhapsody 8 Indoor Playset.
With size below deck hideaways, this will be the perfect place for a good game of hide and seek  for your kids – it can even include the rest of the kids in the neighborhood! This is a custom built to order so you can pick the add-ons that you want your child to enjoy, as well as the design that will be perfect for your space. Take you pick from telescopes, steering wheels, rope ladders, monkey bars, toys bins, ladders, windows, and many others. Your choices are just endless!

CedarWorks ensures that their products are made from furniture grade solid hardwood and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels. It also has water-based colored and natural stains that exceed all federal and state VOC emission regulations. With earth-friendly components, this playset does not contain any plastic.

The Rhapsody 8 Indoor Playset is not only for homes. This will also be great for day cares, doctor offices, and practically any indoor environment that has kids.

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