Friday, January 18, 2013

Give Your Home Splashes of Color with the Magis’ Air Chair

In this age of modern and understated styling, it is common to see homes all decked in white, brown, grey, and other neutral colors. And while this is actually something that has become the norm these days, there are people who would prefer to have some color in their homes. What better way to add colors than with colorful chairs?

Check out these Air Chairs by Magis. Sold on a set of 8 in various colors, these will bring some color into your home and into your world. This is definitely a modern masterpiece that features understated styling and should still complement and look good in your home.
A creation by Jasper Morrison, these chairs are of museum-quality that will definitely put those run-of-the-mill deck chairs to shame. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, this chair will give you a comfortable place to read your favorite book in your living room or sit outside near your pool while you soak up on sunlight.

The Air Chair will add that elegant touch to any room. The best thing about this is that is that they all stack up when not in use. They are made in polypropylene with added glass fiber, making it lightweight and highly portable. So when you have guests over, you can simply just take them out of storage and then stack them right back after the party is over.

Available in a variety of colors (including orange, pink, green, yellow, white and blue) and configurations which includes an armchair and folding chair, they are easy to clean and are very durable. Made to last for a long time, the Air Chairs is definitely a great addition to any modern home.

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