Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Complete Library for Your Kiddies by Guidecraft

Aside from their multitude of toys, if it also important that we give our kids with educational materials that will teach them important things that will prove to be useful in the future. And while the market it teeming with educational toys today, nothing still beats the good old books and the enjoyment and lessons that they give to children.

Furnishing them with books is not enough, as you might find out later. Of course, you also need to give them an environment where they can read these books peacefully and comfortably. And because it would probably be impractical to build a new room to serve as your library, giving your kid a modular library would be a very practical move. The Modular Library Storage and Seating by Guidecraft is one good choice.
This modular library is perfect to serve as a comfortable and dedicated reading area. Featuring a padded nylon seat and backrest, your child should have no problem reading his favorite books for hours on end. Plus, it is big enough to seat two to three children so your child can interact with his friends and discuss the stories that they have just read with one another.

Let us not forget that this is a library storage as well. This Guidecraft masterpiece has 5 cubbies under the seat where they can store all their favorite reads. And its storage does not only stop there, it also has a side shelf with 3 cubbies and a back shelf with 5 cubbies. Surely, this will be enough to hold all their books and magazines.

To ensure stability and longevity, the Modular Library Storage and Seating is constructed of birch plywood and finished with a UV finish. This should mean that this can be used and handed down to your child’s younger siblings in time.

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