Thursday, November 15, 2012

Imaginative Play Tents for The Playroom

Going camping? Whether it’s for hiding out in in the living room or staking out the front yard on a sunny day, a good kid’s tent will make the adventure a lot more enjoyable.

The Lucy & Michael Play Tent was made to get your kid’s imagination kicking in high gear, and that’s not just because it sports a retro rodeo print (though that helps, too). The tent is considerably large, with five feet square of room and five feet of headway. When closed, the tent measures roughly six feet long, and can be easily bundled into the closet for quick storage. The tent is fully functional, and has red and yellow ticking and tan suede accents, that’ll brighten up any part of the house.

If you want something that looks a little more out of the box, consider getting the Magis Nido Children’s Nest Cave. The Nest Cave has a design that’s a bit more modern and just a little less traditional, but its functionality remains top of the shelf.

The Nest Cave is a vision in bright yellow, featuring two openings that allow for maximum circulation inside, as well as to make for easy entrance and exit. Magis Nido clearly took  a step out of the box in the Nest Cave’s design, banking on sophisticated industrial design to invoke a familiar, childlike qualities—friendliness and straightforward functionality.

The floor of the Nest Cave is green to mimic grass, with grey antennae sticking up out of the top of the cave. The material is made of rotational molded polyethylene, and is water-resistant enough for both indoor and outdoor use. THe Nest Cave doesn’t look at all like a traditional tent, but it serves as a pretty good one, as well as an unconventional and yet uncomfortable hangout when ordinary furniture comes up short.

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