Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Twist on Conventional Diaper Bags

Tired of lugging around big and bulky diaper bags? Never again. Whether you need all your baby’s essentials on that upcoming picnic this weekend, or you need a nice baby bag to take to that garden party, here are some nice alternatives to choose from.

Diaper Dude sure knows how to put the “awesome” back in diaper bags. The Dude Bag comes in several other colors and designs, but the brown and orange combination has just the right combination of parent form factor and straightforward functionality that no ordinary diaper bag can pull off.

The Dude Bag (even the name sounds cool) features a stroller strap that allows you to attach the bag to your kid’s stroller, if he has one. The bag fits comfortably across the chest without putting too much weight on any one shoulder, courtesy of its ergonomic design. The adjustable strap is padded as well, and contains clips that can be easily worked to remove the bag when you need to.

Made of durable polyester, the Dude Bag was built to last longer than your average diaper tote. It contains three outside pockets that can be zipped open or closed, and can be used to store baby items that you usually need within reach. The bottle pocket is especially elasticized to keep a firm grip on any baby bottle, at the same time making it easy for Mom or Dad to pull it out of the bag.

The bag’s main compartment is protected by a zip-closed pocket with a special pouch to hold diapers, and all the extra space is for pretty much everything else. Among others, the Dude Bag also holds a removable cell phone pouch, an interior key clip, and two large elasticized slots.

On the other hand, for fancier occasions, you can take the Lucy & Michael Catch All with you instead. The Olivia variant is particularly nice, with pink and orange floral prints on the outside.

The Lucy & Michael Catch All can be used to carry a number of items, but if you don’t need the full diaper bag, this tote will do just fine for the bare essentials. Keep the necessary baby gear with you and strut it—all with a sense of style.

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