Thursday, November 15, 2012

Classy Pet Furniture for the Livingroom

Sure, you’d like to stick a dog house of sorts inside your house, but you’re most likely concerned that a pet corner might throw off the general feel of the living room.

DenHaus solves that conundrum for you with a number of dog houses that won’t just blend in with your present décor, but also gives your pet a nice little station of their own inside the family home. The DenHaus TownHaus, for instance, looks miles above your typical dog house or bed.

Made of quality wood designed for extra durability, the TownHaus looks classy and sophisticated, with a dark finish that looks clean and well-disposed to either traditional or contemporary home design. Antique brass hardware gives the dog house an unquestionable distinguished appeal, and matches the formality of most living rooms well. Unlike dog houses that are completely closed off, it also provides good ventilation for your dog, so it won’t be a major source of any funny smells. Several coats of sealer prevents the wood from being scratched to death, and the finish is non-toxic to your pets.

The TownHaus provides a number of variants in terms of design, and you can check out the different colors and sizes. However, they do all feature the same reliable quality. You might even choose to add the TownHaus pet bed, which is made of custom cushions that feature high quality foam. The outer cover is easily removed too, for your cleaning convenience.

Another option from DenHaus is the BowHaus, which unlike the TownHaus is a little more open though no less formal. One of its main advantages is the amount of ventilation your pet gets, and the whole dog house is dotted with starburst cutout designs for a more creative style. A powder-coated steel finish keeps the house scratch-resistant. The BowHaus also contains a cushion that provides extra comfort for your dog.

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