Thursday, November 15, 2012

Iglooplay’s Creative Nursery Furniture

Put a whole new spin on your child’s nursery with these awesome options by Iglooplay.

The Iglooplay TeaPods are made in different shapes and sizes, conceptualized as “sculptural and moveable furniture” designed to appeal to both children and adults.

What makes the Tea Pods really great pieces of furniture is that they can be used in practically any way you want. Do you need an extra couple of fun chairs for the nursery? Are you looking for a creative looking coffee table for the living room? Maybe your kids’ bedrooms could use a splash of color, or your own room might benefit from a fun piece of furniture that can be anything. It’s a great addition to any family’s collection of furniture, and it comes in different colors too, such as Ultra Suede to Crypton Suede. You also have the option to get the Tea Pod Tray, which can go right on top of the Tea Pod and serves as a good place to serve real (or imagined) cups of tea.

The Tea Pods are available in small and medium sizes, and can be interlocked to provide a more compact appearance. The high density foam makes it quite durable, but nonetheless comfortable as well. The upholstery is PVC-free and the whole thing is non-toxic. To clean it, all you need is a brush and some mild soap and water.

In the same line, the LimaPlay Table (also by Igloo Play) presents a more functional approach, providing toddlers with their own personal play tables.

The Lima Play Table was designed to “encourage a sense of independence” in kids, as it was built to cater to children so they can comfortably use the table themselves. The design also allows kids to sit on the floor as they play, which is often more realistic than expecting very young kids to make use of a chair for any extended period of time. The play table comes in two sizes, small and medium. Depending on what your child needs the table for, you can get either the small one for play or the larger one for arts and crafts.

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